Zimmermann Boosts Spare Parts Coverage with Expansion of Brake Discs and Pads Range

Sinsheim-Dühren – Zimmermann, a brake parts manufacturer based in Sinsheim, Germany, has expanded its product range to include a total of 65 brake discs and 30 brake pads. The addition of these parts means that an additional 2851 vehicle models can now be equipped with brake parts from Zimmermann, taking the company a step closer to its goal of achieving a high level of product coverage.

With over six decades of experience in developing, producing and selling sophisticated vehicle components, Zimmermann has established itself as a leader in the independent spare parts market. The company’s standard products, including all brake discs, are designed to match the quality of original discs, offering the same material, dimensions, and design.

In 2022, Zimmermann launched 41 new standard brake discs, increasing the number of vehicle models they can supply by 717. To ensure a perfect match for each brake disc, the company also introduced 30 new brake pads that can be used in 990 additional vehicle models.

In addition to standard spare parts, Zimmermann also develops Sport and premium brake discs for motorsports and tuning requirements. The Sport brake discs, which feature a machined braking surface, offer improved braking performance and shorter braking distance, especially in wet conditions. With 24 new Sport brake discs, the company is now offering upgrade options for another 1144 vehicle models.

For racing enthusiasts, Zimmermann has also established an online shop for racing components, offering newly developed brake discs and brake pads for the race track.

In conclusion, Zimmermann’s recent expansion of its product range and its decades of experience in the spare parts market demonstrate the company’s commitment to providing high-quality products and optimally serving the needs of its distributors.


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