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FRIEDERICHSHAFEN, Germany — The brake is the most important safety system on a motorcycle on older vehicles. If new brake parts are required, ZF’s TRW has the answer with a range which extends from adjustable levers to steel braided brake hoses and brake pads – all manufactured to the highest quality and to suit all operating conditions.

To start with, how should a perfect motorcycle brake feel? For most, it’s a firm pressure point, an even and predictable increase in braking power, and reliable deceleration even under high loads. On the other hand, nobody likes annoying squealing and rapid wear.

However, many brake systems, especially those on older motorcycles, will no longer provide all these desired properties, if any at all. But with TRW brand spare parts and accessories from the ZF Aftermarket range, virtually any motorcycle brake can be significantly upgraded.

This starts with the operation. Many motorcycles have brake levers that are not adjustable and therefore difficult to grip for people with smaller hands, for example.

Adjustable levers from TRW make it possible to adapt the grip distance and length precisely to the shape of the rider’s hand. This not only makes operation easier, but also shortens the time it takes to build up braking force – and thus leads to greater safety. TRW brake levers are available in a short “Racing” and a longer “Street” version and in several colors.

Steel flex lines for precise pressure buildup

The same applies to the steel braided brake hoses offered under the TRW brand for a wide range of motorcycle models. Steel braided hoses are technically far superior to the rubber hoses with which many motorcycles are equipped as standard. This is because a rubber brake hose becomes pliable under pressure over time, and the pressure point becomes less precise. This is the reason many vehicle manufacturers recommend replacement after five years.

TRW steel flex hoses, on the other hand, do not expand and ensure a more noticeable pressure point and precisely controllable brake force build-up. They are also durable without wear. The range includes, among other things, over 1,100 ready-to-install kits. All lines have an ABE National Type Approval or German TÜV certificate.

ABS strongly demands brake fluid

For reliable transmission of braking force, the brake fluid should also be in top condition. This is especially true for vehicles with antilock braking systems. After all, when ABS is used, the hydraulic power transmission must transfer many control processes per second from the ABS control unit to the wheel brake cylinders without any delay.

TRW brake fluid is the perfect complement to the other TRW brake parts.

Brake pads for 6,000 motorcycle models

No motorcyclist needs to be told how important a high-quality brake pad is for short stopping distances. Under the TRW brand, ZF offers brake pads for more than 6,000 motorcycle models. There are six different pad compounds for use on public roads. This makes it possible to perfectly match the brake to the desired application for every motorcycle.

With the TRQ compound, a brake pad developed for the racetrack is available, but due to its excellent controllability, it is also approved for public road traffic. TRQ stands for Track Racing Quality; illustrating the real racing quality the designers intended. With its high, stable coefficient of friction and direct response, the sintered pad delivers outstanding performance both on the road and on the racetrack.

Brake discs for more than 3,000 motorcycle models

The friction partner of the brake pad, the brake disc, is also available from TRW in a particularly high-quality design.

All products are manufactured with the highest manufacturing precision from a particularly dimensionally stable steel alloy and have a precise surface grinding, which ensures less vibration and close contact with the brake pads.

ZF Aftermarket offers TRW motorcycle brake discs for more than 3,000 motorcycle models. Seven different variants are available, so there is a suitable product for almost all touring and sports motorcycles, custom bikes, off-road machines, scooters, quads, and ATVs.


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