ZF Enhances TRW, SACHS Lines

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ZF Aftermarket has enhanced its product range with 80 new additions to its TRW and SACHS branded portfolios, marking a significant update for early 2024. This strategic expansion broadens the availability of its TRW Master Cylinders and Brake Boosters, now extending to over 2.7 million additional vehicles. Building upon its previous year’s growth, ZF Aftermarket’s commitment to quality and accessibility is evident in its continued efforts to cater to a wide array of vehicles across the United States and Canada.

Key Highlights:

  • 80 new products added to TRW and SACHS portfolios.
  • Expanded coverage for over 5 million vehicles in operation.
  • 31 new TRW part numbers for brake boosters and master cylinders.
  • New offerings include parts for Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Volkswagen.
  • Launch of SKUs for TRW brake pad sets and SACHS coil springs and flywheels.
  • 2023 saw over 770 new products for various vehicle types.
  • ZF Aftermarket supports internal combustion, hybrid, electric, and semi-automated vehicles.

The latest additions not only include 31 new part numbers for TRW brake boosters and master cylinders but also introduce new SKUs for brake pad sets for popular models such as the Ford Bronco and Ranger, and Ram 2500 and 3500 pick-up trucks. Furthermore, the expansion includes SACHS coil springs and flywheels for a range of vehicles from BMW to Mazda.

In 2023, ZF Aftermarket made significant strides by adding over 770 new parts, enhancing its offerings for an additional 158.2 million vehicles. This commitment to expansion and quality is reinforced by Mark Cali’s statement, highlighting the ease of access to high-quality OE parts and the assurance of performance and durability.

Mark Cali, Head of Independent Aftermarket, USC for ZF Aftermarket, asserts, “ZF Aftermarket continues to make it easier for distributors, technicians, and vehicle owners to get a variety of high-quality OE parts quickly and conveniently. We are proud to offer best-in-class value with guaranteed performance and durability that’s rooted in ZF’s OE product development and validation processes.”

This update from ZF Aftermarket is a testament to the company’s ongoing dedication to providing comprehensive parts coverage and support for a vast array of vehicles, ensuring quality and reliability for technicians and vehicle owners alike.

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