Wilwood’s Latest Racing Caliper

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Wilwood Disc Brakes, a leader in high-performance brake systems, has unveiled a new addition to its lineup: the Narrow Superlite Racing Caliper, specifically designed for .38” wide rotors. This latest innovation caters to the demanding needs of sprint car racing, short-course off-road, and drifting enthusiasts.

The Superlite FNSL6R/ST radial mount six-piston calipers represent a fusion of advanced forged caliper technology with a proven track record of performance. This new model offers a slimmer width, ideal for vehicles equipped with titanium rotors. It utilizes the standard .65” brake pad thickness from plate number 7416, available in various compounds to suit different racing applications.

Crafted from premium grade billet and employing stress flow forging, the FNSL6R/ST stands out for its strength and efficiency. Remarkably, it rivals the durability of one-piece calipers. Wilwood’s implementation of differential bore and proprietary Thermlock® pistons ensures superior heat management, maintaining a crucial balance between the brake pad and fluid under extreme, sustained high temperatures.

In terms of finish, the calipers benefit from Type III hard anodizing. This process not only enhances their durability with a tough ceramic oxide coating but also offers exceptional resistance to wear and corrosion.

Priced starting at $629.22, the FNSL6R/ST is a testament to Wilwood’s commitment to innovation and quality in the realm of high-performance braking solutions.

Wilwood Engineering, established in 1977 by Bill Wood, continues to lead from its Camarillo, California headquarters. The company’s dedication to designing and manufacturing top-tier disc brakes and components is evident in their rigorous testing and engineering processes. Catering to a diverse range of applications, from race cars to classic cars, Wilwood ensures unparalleled braking quality and performance with modern, sleek designs.

For more information about this latest release or other products, contact Wilwood Engineering at [email protected].

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