Wilwood’s Aero6-DM Brakes Deliver Serious Stopping Power

Wilwood Disc Brakes has unleashed its Aero6-DM brake kits for 2019-present Ford Ranger trucks and 2021-present Bronco SUVs, packing a punch for both on-road and off-road adventures. These bolt-on beauties seamlessly integrate with factory rear brakes, master cylinder, ABS, and computer systems, ensuring a hassle-free upgrade.

More Bite, More Confidence:

The Aero6-DM kits aren’t just about show-stopping looks (though the sleek calipers in gloss red or black are definitely eye-catching). They deliver a serious performance boost, with:

  • Enhanced stopping power: Larger pads and rotors provide greater thermal capacity for intense situations, like towing heavy loads or tackling steep mountain trails.
  • Smoother control: Easier modulation at low speeds translates to precise braking in city traffic or tight parking maneuvers.
  • Confident pedal feel: The combination of high-quality components delivers a reassuringly firm and responsive pedal, building confidence behind the wheel.

Built for Adventure:

These kits aren’t afraid to get dirty. Forged aluminum six-piston Aerolite calipers clamp down with serious force, while the 13.38-inch premium rotors dissipate heat efficiently, ensuring consistent performance even under demanding conditions. Choose between GT slotted or SRP drilled and slotted rotors to optimize your stopping power for your specific needs.

Wilwood’s SmartPad™ BP-“Q” ceramic-based pads round out the package, offering excellent bite and fade resistance for a truly dual-sport experience, whether you’re conquering the highway or the backcountry.

Ready to Upgrade?

Starting at $1,787.51, the Wilwood Aero6-DM brake kits are an investment in your driving confidence and safety. With their blend of performance, compatibility, and style, they’re the perfect upgrade for any Bronco or Ranger owner who demands the best from their vehicle.


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