Voluntary Recall by Tesla for Brake Issue

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FREMONT, Calif. – Tesla has recently begun a voluntary recall of certain Model 3 and Model Y versions of its electric vehicles due to a potential brake issue, according to emails sent to owners of these vehicles.

The vehicles in question were built between Dec. 2018 and March 2021. Tesla has not revealed how many of the four-door sedans and five-door crossover vehicles are affected by the recall.

According to the email sent to the owners and reported by Newsweek, “The email stated that the problem with the models in question is that brake caliper bolts may not have been secured properly. The email included this explanation of why the caliper issue could be problematic: “On certain vehicles, the brake caliper bolts may not have been secured to the correct specification. If one or more of these bolts are not secured to the correct specification, the bolt(s) may loosen over time and, in very rare circumstances, may become loose enough or separate such that the brake caliper contacts the inner surface of the wheel rim. In such rare circumstances, abnormal noise may occur, and the wheel may be prevented from freely rotating, which could cause tire pressure loss.”

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The voluntary recall has not been posted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and when it is, The BRAKE Report will have additional details on the action by Tesla including any remedies outlined in the notice.

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Tesla, in the email, did tell owners to: “Please schedule a service appointment using the Tesla app by selecting ‘Schedule Service’>’Other’>’Something Else’ and entering the note, “Open Recall Repair-brake caliper bold inspection. At your appointment, Tesla Service will inspect your vehicle and perform any necessary repairs, free of charge. Mobile Service may complete the inspection at your convenience.”

According to early reports, Tesla has not indicated any crashes as a result of the issue.

Mike Geylin
Mike Geylin

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