TRW Advocates for High-Quality Brakes

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In the realm of automotive safety, TRW, a distinguished ZF Aftermarket brand, emphasizes the critical importance of high-quality braking components. With recent DVSA data highlighting brake-related issues as a leading cause of MOT failures, TRW advocates for a meticulous selection of braking parts to enhance vehicle safety and reliability.

Key Highlights:

  • Brakes are a top reason for MOT failures, highlighting the need for quality components.
  • TRW offers a comprehensive range of braking solutions tested to exceed industry standards.
  • The brand’s products, from brake discs to suspension parts, are engineered for optimal performance and safety.
  • TRW’s commitment to OE-quality ensures reliability and safety across its product range.

Professional Insight into TRW’s Safety Mission

TRW’s mission goes beyond mere product offerings; it is about ensuring the safety of millions of motorists by urging the industry to prioritize quality in braking components. The DVSA’s 2023 data revealing that 17 percent of MOT failures were due to brake issues underscores the importance of this mission. TRW’s comprehensive approach to braking solutions, including everything from brake discs and drums to actuation systems, is rooted in a commitment to quality and safety.

The brand’s engineering excellence is evident in its annual production of over 12 million brake discs, maintaining original equipment (OE) standards that cater to both new and aftermarket applications. By offering a wide array of components, including nearly 4000 steering and suspension parts, TRW stands as a beacon of reliability and performance in the automotive safety products sector.

TRW’s dedication to safety is echoed by Martyn Houghton, country manager IAM at ZF Aftermarket, who asserts the necessity of not cutting corners when it comes to braking products. His statement, “When it comes to braking products, it’s integral that corners are never cut,” encapsulates TRW’s ethos of uncompromising safety and quality, ensuring that every journey is as safe as possible.

By adhering to rigorous testing standards and leveraging ZF Aftermarket’s leadership in OE quality automotive safety products, TRW sets a benchmark in the industry, promising enhanced safety and reliability for all passenger cars through its innovative design and engineering prowess.

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