Treibacher’s TiCN+Mo2C Disc Innovation

Treibacher Industrie AG, a leader in the chemical and metallurgical industries and the parent company of renowned metal sulfide specialist Tribotecc GmbH, has announced a significant advancement in brake disc technology. The Austrian-based company revealed a new coating for brake discs made of TiCN+Mo2C, which promises significant enhancements in performance and durability.

Why It Matters

The innovation addresses previous challenges encountered with tungsten carbide coatings, notorious for their brittleness and susceptibility to cracking and grooving. Treibacher’s novel approach with TiCN+Mo2C agglomerates not only circumvents these issues but also offers an improved cost structure and the advantage of a European supply chain, strengthening the region’s technological footprint.

Key Points

  • TiCN+Mo2C agglomerates feature Mo2C as a wetting agent to ensure adhesion to steel, solving the adherence problem faced by TiCN alone.
  • Test results show that the new coated discs exhibit no defects even under rigorous conditions.
  • This development has led to an in-house project at Tribotecc GmbH, a subsidiary of Treibacher, to tailor metal sulfide packages for brake pad formulations.
  • Treibacher Industrie AG leverages a close relationship with its subsidiary to optimize products and significantly reduce development time for customers.

Bottom Line

Treibacher Industrie AG’s breakthrough with TiCN+Mo2C coated brake discs marks a significant stride in automotive safety and performance. With a history dating back to 1898, the company’s continuous innovation demonstrates its commitment to advancing technology in the automotive sector, ensuring that mobility becomes safer and more environmentally friendly. This latest achievement is not just a win for Treibacher but for the European industry, setting new standards in brake disc and pad technology.

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