TRANSIT Inc. Announces New Leaders

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In a move to bolster its management team, TRANSIT Inc. has unveiled the appointments of three key figures: Isabelle Labrie as Vice-President of Organizational Excellence, Simon Bourque as Chief Operating Officer, and Andréanne Lepage as Operations Director, announced by the company’s President, Stéphan Guay.

Emphasizing the strategic importance of these appointments, Guay stated, “The advent of warehouse automation, increased innovation, sector-wide process streamlining, and accelerated company development have prompted TRANSIT to promote these high-calibre members to our management team.” He further highlighted the collective strength and efficiency that the new leadership is expected to bring to TRANSIT, underscoring a vision of collaborative success.

Isabelle Labrie, Vice President, Organizational Excellence

Isabelle Labrie’s journey with TRANSIT began in 1997, showcasing a versatile career that spanned from the finance department to IT development, before her most recent role as Operations Director. In her new position, Labrie will spearhead efforts to enhance process efficiency and cost-effectiveness while ensuring the well-being of the personnel.

Simon Bourque

Simon Bourque, who joined TRANSIT in 2009 and has significantly contributed to its development across various roles, will now oversee all operational aspects of the company as the Chief Operating Officer. Guay praised Bourque’s indispensable role and expertise, expressing confidence in his leadership towards achieving the company’s mission objectives.

Andréanne Lepage

Andréanne Lepage, a newer addition to the team with a rich background in logistics and procurement, will take on the role of Operations Director. Her expertise is expected to drive improvements in automation efficiency, contributing to TRANSIT’s ongoing development.

Founded in 1971, TRANSIT Inc. stands as the largest auto parts warehouse in Eastern Canada, offering an extensive selection of parts and accessories for automobiles, light trucks, and trailers. Guay expressed pride in entrusting the company’s future to such capable hands, emphasizing their genuine care for both the company and its employees.

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