Toyota Crown PHEV Boasts Powerful Brakes and More

Toyota’s Crown lineup welcomes a new member: the Crown Sport PHEV. This plug-in hybrid prioritizes driving fun with its powerful engine, impressive electric range, and showstopping brakes. Let’s dive into what makes this Crown stand out.

Thrilling Performance:

  • 2.5-liter hybrid system: Delivers 306 horsepower and seamless acceleration.
  • Large-capacity battery: Offers a 56-mile electric range for everyday errands.
  • Total range: Up to 746 miles thanks to a 55-liter fuel tank.

Gripping Control:

  • E-Four electric AWD: Distributes power evenly for superior stability, even in harsh weather.
  • Enhanced body rigidity: Provides a more responsive and confident driving experience.
  • Adaptive Variable Suspension: Adjusts to road conditions for a smooth and planted ride.
Toyota Crown PHEV Boasts Powerful Brakes and More

Braking Beast:

  • 20-inch ventilated discs: Larger than the standard Crown’s brakes for improved stopping power.
  • Six-piston calipers: Deliver precise and powerful braking, especially noticeable at high speeds.
  • Red calipers: Add a sporty touch to the exterior.

Beyond the Drive:

  • My Room Mode: Enjoy air conditioning and audio while charging, creating a comfortable space to relax or work.
  • 1,500W external power supply: Useful for emergencies, outdoor activities, and even powering your home.
  • Vehicle to Home (V2H): Use the car’s battery as a backup power source during blackouts.

Interior Flair:

  • Black and red color scheme: Accents the sporty character and adds excitement to the driving experience.
  • Luminous fabric: Creates a unique and vibrant look.
  • Sports seats: Provide firm support and enhance the driving experience.

The Toyota Crown Sport PHEV isn’t just about performance; it’s about making every drive an exhilarating experience. With its powerful brakes, impressive range, and stylish design, this Crown is sure to turn heads and leave a lasting impression.


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