TMD Friction’s Unique Labels Tackle Counterfeiting

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LEVERKUSEN, Germany – TMD Friction, a provider of brake technology to the automotive industry, is incorporating tamper evident labels from security printing specialist Eltronis, in an effort to better protect its customers from a rise in counterfeit goods.

Deployed on TMD Friction’s Textar branded parts, the PROriginal safety seal was designed together with Eltronis and is based on security printing specialist’s enSeal range.

A sophisticated label design has been created that is clearly visible on Textar boxes and signals that the contents are protected. Eltronis used its experience of materials, gained in protecting pharmaceutical goods, to ensure that the labels would adhere firmly to the packaging.

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Specifically, the label is placed over the top and side of the box and must be broken to access the part. An easy to tear strip device helps users open the box and provides effective tamper evidence.

At the same time, the removal of the strip reveals a unique security code that enables instant verification of the Textar part. Consumers are presented with both a QR code and a 12-digit alphanumeric code, which are uniquely linked to the product. This variable data is printed using UV inkjet technology.

Scanning the QR code using the Textar app or entering the 12-digit code into a dedicated website provides instant confirmation as to whether the part is genuine, and details the steps to take if it is identified as being fake or if the code has already been used.

TMD Friction identified tamper evidence and authentication of Textar brake parts as being key to its brand protection program, as Marco Loth, vice president at the company, explained:

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“Counterfeits are becoming an ever-greater threat in the brake industry. They often contain prohibited materials such as asbestos or do not offer the same performance or comfort as original brake pads. Poor brake performance can quickly lead to road traffic accidents and we therefore advise users to only fit brake pads by a trusted garage and to rely on brand quality, as this is the only way to have 100 percent confidence that the brakes will work when it really matters.”

To underline this message, the PROriginal safety seal is being launched under the slogan, “Safety Starts with the Packaging.” TMD Friction also plans to extend the range of brands protected with enSeal and will add the PROriginal safety seal to cover all its major brands, including Nisshinbo.

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