TMD Friction Celebrates 100 Years of Bendix Brakes

TMD Friction is marking a significant milestone with the 100th anniversary of its esteemed braking brand, Bendix. Having evolved significantly since its inception, Bendix now stands as a symbol of quality and reliability in the automotive braking industry. Currently managed by TMD Friction, Bendix extends its reach across 17 countries, delivering top-tier products designed to meet diverse automotive needs both now and in the future.

Key Highlights of Bendix’s Legacy:

  • Founded in 1924 by visionary Vincent Bendix.
  • Pioneered the sale of drum brake shoes and brake shoe kits.
  • Offers a comprehensive product range including brake pads, discs, and sensors.
  • Now available in 17 countries, ensuring widespread accessibility.

Enhancing Bendix’s Global Footprint

Under the stewardship of TMD Friction since 2021, Bendix has benefitted from an enhanced brand perception and expanded product excellence. “We at TMD Friction are honored to have the opportunity to shape the latest chapter in Bendix history,” said Clément de Valon, Executive Vice President Independent Aftermarket at TMD Friction. The company has utilized its extensive expertise to enhance Bendix products and ensure they remain competitive for future demands.


Bendix: A Historical Perspective

The brand was birthed from the inventive mind of Vincent Bendix, who began his career with innovations like bicycle brakes before venturing into automotive brakes. The collaboration with Henri Perrot brought forth the first reliable four-wheel brake systems, which positioned Bendix for rapid growth and success. Despite the setbacks of the Great Depression, Bendix achieved monumental growth and introduced innovations that extended even into aviation and space exploration technologies.

Modernizing the Bendix Brand

Since incorporating Bendix into its portfolio, TMD Friction has propelled the brand into modernity with significant investments in research and development, resulting in superior product performance and safety. This year’s centennial celebration has been marked by a refreshed brand image and the launch of the “Absolute Braking” campaign, highlighting Bendix’s commitment to absolute safety.

TMD and Bendix

Bendix Today: Synonymous with Quality and Innovation

Bendix continues to serve as a vital resource for automotive workshops, offering comprehensive solutions like brake shoe kits that streamline repairs and reduce the risk of errors. The brand also supports garages through technical training and dedicated customer service.

As Bendix moves forward, its extensive product catalog, which covers nearly the entire European car parc, combined with a strong commitment to environmental standards, underscores its continued relevance in the automotive sector. For more information on Bendix’s innovative solutions, one can visit their dedicated website or use their digital tools like the Brakebook app.

About TMD Friction

TMD Friction, a global leader in brake friction technology, has been at the forefront of the industry for over 140 years. With a workforce of over 4,200 across various continents, TMD Friction continues to drive innovation, ensuring their products not only meet but exceed industry standards while catering to a broad spectrum of automotive needs.

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