Textar’s Pursuit of Excellence

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Textar, a leading premium braking brand, has launched an informative video campaign to showcase the rigorous development process behind its superior friction formulations. This initiative, part of the “In the pursuit of excellence” campaign, aims to enlighten customers about the precision, control, sustainability, and silence that define Textar’s approach to braking technology.

With a heritage exceeding 100 years, Textar is celebrated for its high-quality performance in both original equipment (OE) and aftermarket sectors. The campaign seeks to bridge the knowledge gap, explaining the significant time, investment, and expertise invested in crafting unparalleled friction materials.

Uli Bast, VP of Global Marketing, emphasized the campaign’s goal to demonstrate Textar’s commitment to premium OE braking performance and compliance with environmental and regulatory standards. “The result was a campaign that was engaging, educational, and emotive,” Bast remarked, highlighting the blend of captivating visuals, dramatic music, and compelling facts used to convey Textar’s dedication to braking excellence.

The campaign includes several videos, each focusing on a different aspect of Textar’s innovation:

  • In the pursuit of silence: This video addresses the challenge of designing quieter brakes, crucial for electric vehicles (EVs) where traditional motor noise is absent. Textar, the OE manufacturer for leading EV models, showcases its efforts through a dedicated Noise Vibration Harshness team and an extensive range of noise dampening materials.
  • In the pursuit of eMission control: Highlighting Textar’s leadership in sustainable braking solutions, this video covers initiatives such as copper-free and lightweight brake pads, eco-classification standards, and advocacy for Euro 7 regulations, reflecting Textar and TMD Friction’s commitment to a greener future.
  • In the pursuit of precision: Focusing on safety, this video segment demonstrates Textar’s meticulous testing and formulation process, ensuring optimal braking performance and safety for every vehicle.
  • In the pursuit of control: Showcasing rigorous testing in extreme conditions, this video reinforces Textar’s promise of unmatched safety and control, regardless of the driving environment.

The culmination of the campaign, the “In the pursuit of excellence” video, reiterates Textar’s status as a global leader in premium braking solutions.

TMD Friction, Textar’s parent company, stands as a global frontrunner in brake friction solutions, serving both the automotive industry and the aftermarket with renowned brands such as Textar, Mintex, and Pagid. Employing over 4,200 individuals worldwide, TMD Friction’s global presence underscores its commitment to excellence in braking technology.

For more information on Textar’s innovative braking solutions and to view the campaign videos, visit the Textar website and explore the Textar brakebook online catalog.

ABOUT TMD FRICTION: A premier supplier of high-quality brake friction solutions, TMD Friction caters to passenger cars and commercial vehicles worldwide, offering products for both OE and aftermarket applications. With a diverse portfolio that includes leading brands and specialized products for racing and industrial applications, TMD Friction is dedicated to setting industry standards in brake technology.

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