Tests Show PureForge® Rotors Durable, Less Dust

PONTIAC, Mich. – A recent PureForge® rotor test by LINK Engineering demonstrates the rotor longevity and durability built into every PureForge® brake rotor.

Results of grueling engineering testing show PureForge® technology reduces wear, extends rotor life, and substantially reduces dust. Dust reduction results in cleaner wheels and has implications for both rotor wear and health.

PureForge contracted Link Engineering, a globally recognized brake-testing firm to run industry-standard dynamometer tests. Key tests performed were:

  • SAE J2707B Wear Test
  • SAE J2521 Noise Test
  • SAE J2928 Rotor Fatigue Test

The test vehicle is a 2013 F-150. Each test was performed on three sets of brake rotors and pads for comparison:

  • OEM rotors and pads
  • Aftermarket rotors with PureForge® treatment using specifically selected pads.
  • Aftermarket rotors with the same specific selected pad
  • Aftermarket rotors are economy gray cast.

The test data demonstrated that PureForge® treated rotors are quiet, durable, and exhibit little to no wear. It also showed a reduction in pad wear.

The results indicated the lack of wear corresponds to reduced particle generation. Because most of the visible dust on wheels is from rotor debris means that PureForge rotors will provide the customer with cleaner wheels.

The results demonstrate that the PureForge® rotor operates well with no wear, there is VIRTUALLY NO BRAKE ROTOR DUST.

PureForge® rotors last longer than competitive brake rotors with low to no brake rotor dust.

The test data demonstrated that treated rotors exhibit no wear. It also showed a reduction in pad wear. PureForge rotor showed no rotor wear and low brake rotor dust.

PureForge technology is a pioneer in Physical Vapor Deposition (“PVD”). PureForge owns patents on Atomic-Forged® technology. This technology addresses many standard automotive industry issues, mainly brake wear, with the trademark Brakes for Life TM.

The PureForge® technology has five main advantages over standard wear braking systems.

1. Superior Braking Performance — It has the potential to save lives with superior braking performance, validated with extensive independent testing and evaluation.

2. Reduced Maintenance expenses — It has the potential to save on customers’ maintenance expenses by reducing brake-related costs per mile driven – savings realized upwards of 50% to 75% over standard wear brakes.

a. Keeping fleet vehicles on the road longer between service intervals, driving higher utilization models for businesses.

3. Brake Dust Reduction — It can reduce environmentally harmful carcinogenic brake dust emissions.

4. Light-Weighting— Because of the superior braking technology, PureForge® can reduce un-sprung weight at the four corners of the vehicle. This lightweighting can also protect the planet by reducing landfill volume.

5. Branding – because of our wear-resistant processes, we can place the logos of the car brand or manufacturer on all brake rotors, providing additional brand recognition.


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