Tesla Plans a ‘Track Mode Package’ with Sport Brakes

Source: electrek.com

The following Tesla information is from a report by Fred Lambert posted Oct. 17th on electrek.com:

Tesla is planning a “Track Mode Package” with sport tires, front brakes, and more features, according to a leak in its parts catalog.

Last year, Tesla started to roll out a new update with “Track Mode” for the Model 3 Performance.

The automaker claims that it has developed its own in-house vehicle dynamic controls (VDC) system for the first time with the Model 3 Performance version, which is allowing Tesla to develop more advanced driving modes.

The new mode involves a bunch of different aspects from optimized cooling to more powerful regen braking.

Tesla delivered “Track Mode” through a software update, but it now looks like the automaker is also planning to offer a hardware upgrade to come with it.

The new package has leaked through Tesla’s parts catalog (hat tip to u/Corbzy_ on Reddit).

A search of “Track Mode” in the catalog shows that three parts are linked to something called “Track Mode Package.”

There are Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 performance tires, the same tires that Tesla used on the next-gen Roadster prototype, and the company is also rumored to be using the same tires on the new Model S Plaid prototypes.

There’s also a new front brake pad kit linked to the new package:

Finally, a new carbon fiber wheel cap is linked to the new package in the parts catalog.

Tesla actually made this item available as an aftermarket product on its online shop Oct. 17th.

The automaker describes the product: Enhance the look of your Model 3 Sport and Performance Wheels with this streamlined custom center cap. Made from lightweight, cross-woven carbon fiber with a matte finish.

The new wheel cap kit is offered for $300.

 At this point, it’s unknown if Tesla will offer the package as a factory option or if it will be available as an aftermarket package.

Tesla previously said that it is working on a Model 3 aftermarket Performance Upgrade package, but this new package seems to be particularly linked to “Track Mode.”

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