Sumitomo Enhances Road Safety with Intelligent Sensor

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Sumitomo Rubber Industries (SRI) introduces an intelligent new feature to its SENSING CORE technology: a sensor designed to detect loose wheel nuts, aiming to significantly reduce the risk of wheel detachment accidents. This advancement demonstrates the flexibility and safety potential of SRI’s technology, marking a significant step forward in automotive safety solutions. With its application set for production vehicles in 2024, this development highlights SRI’s commitment to leveraging its SENSING CORE technology for enhancing road safety.

Key Highlights:

  • Innovative Sensor Technology: SRI’s latest addition to the SENSING CORE suite aims to tackle the issue of loose wheel nuts, a significant safety hazard.
  • First OEM Integration in 2024: An unnamed Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) will be the first to include this technology as standard equipment in their vehicles.
  • Versatile and Sensor-less System: SENSING CORE’s ability to monitor various vehicle and tire conditions without direct sensors expands its application across different vehicle makes and models.
  • Contribution to Safer Mobility: The technology is part of SRI’s broader SMART TYRE CONCEPT, focusing on advancing mobility and vehicle safety.

The technology behind SENSING CORE is designed to work independently of the tire’s brand, model, or size, making it a versatile solution for detecting even minor looseness in wheel nuts. By analyzing data from the vehicle’s controller area network (CAN), it can identify discrepancies that indicate a potential risk, thereby enhancing vehicle safety significantly.

Government and Industry Support: The Government of Japan has expressed a keen interest in reducing loose wheel incidents, and SRI’s technology aligns with these safety goals. Discussions with additional manufacturers are ongoing, underlining the industry’s recognition of the technology’s potential.

Dr. Bernd L√∂wenhaupt, Managing Director at Sumitomo Rubber Europe GmbH, emphasized the role of SENSING CORE in future mobility, stating, “We envisage that SENSING CORE will make a significant contribution to the evolution and further development of mobility in the coming autonomous driving society.” This vision extends to the integration of road condition data and vehicle control, highlighting a future where data not only enhances individual vehicle safety but also contributes to a broader understanding of mobility challenges.

Looking Ahead: SENSING CORE’s integration into cloud-based systems for tire-wear monitoring and its collaboration with AI analytics firm Viaduct at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024 underscore SRI’s commitment to innovation in tire and vehicle safety technology. With Falken Tyre Europe representing SRI in the European market, the reach and impact of these technologies are set to expand, benefiting drivers and fleet managers alike.

Sumitomo Rubber Industries continues to push the boundaries of tire and vehicle safety with its SENSING CORE technology. By addressing critical safety concerns such as loose wheel nuts, SRI not only enhances the safety of individual vehicles but also contributes to the broader goal of safer roads for all.

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