Standard Drivetrain Acquires Ultra-Lite Brakes

In a strategic move, Standard Drivetrain LLC has announced its acquisition of Ultra-Lite Brakes and Components Inc, alongside Ultra-Lite Brakes Inc and its associated brands. This acquisition marks a significant expansion for Standard Drivetrain, a Wilmington, Delaware-based holding company and joint venture.

Why It Matters

Ultra-Lite Brakes, founded in 1993 by Jerry Martino, is renowned for its innovative brake and component solutions, catering to diverse sectors such as aerospace, motorsports, and original equipment (OE) markets. The acquisition is particularly notable for bringing together Ultra-Lite’s cutting-edge technology and decades of expertise with Standard Drivetrain’s acclaimed manufacturing capabilities.

Key Points

  • History and Expertise: Ultra-Lite Brakes has been a leader in brake technology since 1993, known for its advanced solutions in the aerospace and motorsports industries.
  • Innovative Technologies: The company holds multiple patents, including those for sintered titanium processes, brake rotor coatings, and 3D printing of brake components.
  • Strategic Fit: Chris Miller of Standard Drivetrain highlighted the acquisition as a “natural fit,” combining Ultra-Lite’s technology with their existing steel brake rotor manufacturing excellence.
  • Future Prospects: Rob Boninfante of Standard Drivetrain emphasized the potential for leveraging Ultra-Lite’s technologies, particularly in ceramic coatings and titanium vented brake rotors, to expand into new markets.

Bottom Line

This acquisition is more than a merger of two companies; it represents the fusion of top-tier expertise and groundbreaking technology in the brake and component industry. Standard Drivetrain’s acquisition of Ultra-Lite Brakes and Components signals a significant leap forward in its market position, promising innovative developments and an expanded footprint in both current and new markets. The collaboration is set to harness Ultra-Lite’s pioneering technologies, including their friction-enhancing ceramic coatings and advanced titanium processes, underscoring Standard Drivetrain’s commitment to leading the industry with superior, technologically advanced solutions.


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