Spain: Delphi Brakes Ace Independent Tests

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In an independent evaluation conducted in Mojacar, Spain, Delphi‘s brake pads have outperformed competitors in rigorous testing, underscoring their commitment to both performance and environmental sustainability. This assessment, crucial for unbiased automotive advancements, ensures consumer and environmental interests are prioritized.

Delphi Surpasses in Performance and Eco-Friendliness
The independent tests revealed that Delphi’s brake pads not only meet but frequently surpass industry standards, distinguishing them in the competitive market. Objective comparisons using Mercedes A-class vehicles equipped with top-tier brake components showcased Delphi’s products against six leading brands, highlighting their superiority in braking technology.

Environmental Impact and Dust Emission
A critical part of the tests focused on brake dust emissions over a 4,000-kilometer journey on dry roads. Delphi’s NAO pads emerged as the leading option, significantly reducing dust emissions compared to other premium and original equipment (OE) brands. Lower dust emissions are beneficial for both the environment and vehicle maintenance, contributing to cleaner air and reducing particulate matter’s health risks.

Noise Reduction and Comfort
Delphi’s brake pads also excelled in noise reduction, achieving a near-perfect score for quiet operation. This aspect is vital for minimizing sound pollution and enhancing the driving experience, indicating Delphi’s commitment to comfort and environmental consciousness.

Consistency and Safety
The tests further demonstrated Delphi’s brake pads’ consistency, ensuring a predictable and reliable braking experience. This uniformity is crucial for driver safety, allowing for intuitive vehicle control and reducing the likelihood of accidents due to unexpected brake behavior.

Leading the Way in Automotive Safety and Sustainability
The comprehensive testing in Mojacar highlights Delphi’s leadership in developing braking solutions that excel in performance, safety, and environmental stewardship. These results reinforce Delphi’s position as a benchmark in the automotive industry, promising advancements in vehicle safety and ecological responsibility.

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