Sovren Calipers Launched by Hayes

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Source: Hayes announcement

MEQUON, Wisc. ─ HAYES, a premier manufacturer of brakes and braking controls systems, is launching a brand new family of calipers designed for high-power applications. Tested and validated by Hayes’ in-house test engineers as well as championship-winning teams, Sovren outpaces the competition in extreme circumstances.

The Hayes Sovren Collection is the biggest, fastest, and strongest family of calipers Hayes makes for powersports. The collection is available in a variety of piston sizes.

Sovren is a brake that is both firm and consistent, providing confidence when it is needed the most. The caliper’s machined cast iron bracket accepts torque from the brake pads, directly transferring it to the vehicle brake mount.

Features and benefits of Sovren include: 

  • Maximum caliper pressure of up to 1800 psi (125 bar)
  • Increased clamp force combined with double-acting pad springs for higher braking capability with less noise.
  • Customers benefit from simplified inventory with a bi-directional caliper that works on both sides of the vehicle.
  • The Hayes industry standard 5 inches (127mm) mount spacing allows for upfit for many current vehicles.
  • Sovren’s durable design and automotive pin-style boots stand up to dust, dirt, and mud resulting in less dirt intrusion.

The Hayes Sovren collection will be available for vehicle OEMs and consumers to order in February, 2022.

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About Hayes Performance Systems:

Comprised of five brands and 500-plus dedicated team members, Hayes Performance Systems is a premier manufacturer of brakes, suspension systems, wheels, and components for the powersport, mountain/road bike, motorcycle, turf care, agriculture, construction, and government markets.

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