Seinsa Sees Record Crowd at Automechanika

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Source: Seinsa Corporation announcement

MADRID — Seinsa Corporation, a leader in the replacement of braking, suspension and transmission systems in the automotive sector in Europe, is a main protagonist at the Automechanika fair in Frankfurt.  The Navarrese company has a space of 80 square meters to exhibit its new products.

The Navarrese company Seinsa corporation has already tripled the number of its visitors on the first day of the exhibition. They come to the space attracted by two novelties that revolutionize the world of the brake: the brake caliper and the repair kit of the EPB actuator, both products created and designed by the innovation team of the Spanish firm, after months of study and preparation.

“We have not stopped innovating and we arrived in Frankfurt full of novelties that impact on a necessary and crucial sector for the economy,” explained José Antonio Espinosa, CEO of Seinsa corporation.

This international fair is held in a context where the automotive aftermarket is in a phase of transformation. The event held in Frankfurt is attended by 2,800 exhibitors, mostly from outside Germany.

Seinsa has an agenda full of professional meetings and goes to Germany with a global expansion plan designed at its headquarters in the Eugi Plant.

The company currently has three factories in Navarra and a fourth in Chennai, India, in addition to establishing in 2022 a logistics center in the center of Europe, in Poland. In addition, it arrives at the fair after receiving this year the Arizmendiarrieta Saria Award for its permanent innovation model and in full celebration of its 50th anniversary.

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Key themes this year’s Automechanika are alternative powertrains, training and professional development, resilient supply chains and e-commerce. Within this last priority, the Navarrese  group has already launched its Ecommerce project in order to automate its production process and the launch of products.

Mike Geylin
Mike Geylin

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