SBS Unveils Enhanced LS Brake Compound

SBS, a dominant force in the motorcycle brake pad manufacturing industry, announces the launch of its revolutionary LS rear brake compound as an addition to its esteemed SBS Better Brakes-series. This cutting-edge rear compound, along with its V-Twin counterpart, H.LS, promises to deliver not only superior brake performance but also caters to environmental concerns.

Riders, with this latest offering, can now seamlessly incorporate SBS Better Brakes both at the front and rear of their motorcycles. This dual integration guarantees enhanced braking efficiency throughout the system, thereby not only uplifting the performance but also making motorcycle riding more eco-friendly. Furthermore, the redefined LS compound boasts of an impressive 8.5% elevation in performance when matched against its predecessor, particularly in the stopping distance domain. Thus, with the dual presence of SBS Better Brakes, riders are assured of sharper maneuverability and a pronounced brake effect with lesser applied force.

Key Points

  • LS compound performance boosted by 8.5%.
  • Dual application of SBS Better Brakes enhances overall brake efficiency.
  • New LS compound offers:
    • Increased grip during initial braking.
    • Enhanced lever sensitivity throughout the braking process.
    • Superior heat stability and resistance to fading.
    • Elevated comfort during braking.
  • Over 95% of SBS brake pad products now fall under the SBS Better Brakes banner.
  • Elimination of hazardous materials like Copper, Nickel, and antimony in production, reflecting SBS’s commitment to a safer environment.
  • For racers, the new LS offers consistent heat friction and an enriched braking experience.
  • The NRS Technology integrated into the brake pads ensures the compound’s steadfast adherence to the backing plate.
  • The new compound, set for a grand reveal at EICMA 2023, is slated for consumer release in Q1 2024.

Bottom Line

SBS, renowned for its expertise in brake solutions, continues its tradition of innovation with the release of the new LS rear brake compound. By merging performance enhancement with ecological considerations, the company reaffirms its dedication to offering the finest in motorcycle brake technology. With anticipated high demand, motorcycle enthusiasts eagerly await its official launch in the coming year.

About SBS Friction A/S

SBS Friction is an industry leader in supplying premium brake pads and friction solutions for an array of vehicles including motorcycles, scooters, ATV/UTVs, special cars, and even wind turbines. Their extensive product range features brake discs, clutch kits, and more. ECE R90 regulation endorsement and integration of NUCAP NRS technology further elevate their product reliability and quality. For those prioritizing unparalleled braking efficiency, SBS Friction remains the go-to choice.


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