SBS Embarks on U.S. Marketing Program

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Source: SBS Friction A/S announcement

SEATTLE, Wash. – SBS Friction A/S is reinforcing its presence in the U.S. with a new partnership with Brands That Shine, the sales accelerator for quality brands worldwide.

A key motivation for SBS to engage in this partnership, is the dedicated passion for motorcycles and equipment that the Brands That Shine-organization, with lead brand ambassador Jessica Shine, will drive around making dealership visits throughout the U.S. The goal is to assist and grow sales of distributor sales reps.

For much of the year, Shine, will travel the country while directly representing SBS in dealerships and at industry trade shows, with a mission to inform dealerships about SBS products and refer dealerships to the company’s U.S. distributors.

As an avid enthusiast, Shine will also help grow dealerships in terms of customer relevance, as they will gain an improved product offering, knowledge, and support for their customers.

“SBS is one of the leading brands in brake products in most parts of the world and they have a great unutilized potential in the U.S. as well,” said Shine. “I have already started my road tour with SBS, and I already see a great amount of interest among dealerships for the brake pads, rotors and clutch kits. Especially the upcoming product announcements from SBS will spark a great deal of interest in the industry for sure.”

“It is clear, that SBS wants to grow its presence within the U.S. on many parameters,” said Christel Munk Pedersen, CSO at SBS. “We have a solid foundation in terms of distributors already, but if we seek to grow even faster and more steadily, the partnership with Brand That Shine is a must-have.

“We believe that Jessica is the right person, with the right amount of technical knowledge, industrial and market insights, and overall passion for motorcycles, to promote, educate and enforce SBS’s opportunities among the equally dedicated dealerships in the U.S.”

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Over the coming months, Shine will pass through the following states:

June Seattle/Tacoma metro area

July Northern California and Oregon

August Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin (NVP show)

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