SBS Better Brakes Enters 2nd Transition Phase

SVENDBORG, Denmark — Following the launch of the improved performance brake pad series, SBS Better Brakes – a leading brake pad manufacturer – announced the start of the second transition phase that will include the rear brake pad compounds LS, H.LS, RQ, ATS and CT and H.CT for front wheel.

“Our customers and riders in general expect top brake performance and that is exactly what you get with SBS Better Brakes,” said Thomas Midtgaard-Jørgensen, Marketing & Product Manager at SBS. “That you then also get a product that is produced in a non-fossil production setup and without heavy metals such as copper and nickel, are positive added values for sure.

SBS Better Brakes is entering the 2nd transition phase

“Our customers have welcomed the introduction of SBS Better Brakes in full and we look forward to being supplying riders worldwide with the second wave as well.”

The second phase is presently being initiated and the first products in transition will be available for orders by SBS Distributors beginning in the third quarter of 2023.

Also, with the second wave in transition, features such as improved braking power and brake feel from first stop, as well as a higher heat resistance will be available.

All brake pad products will be equipped with integrated NRS Technology which lock the compound material to the backing plate and all compounds for public road, will be approved according to ECE R90.

About SBS Friction A/S

SBS Friction is the preferred original-equipment (OE) and aftermarket supplier of brake pads and friction solutions for motorcycles, scooters, ATV/UTVs, special cars and industrial applications, including wind turbines. The company’s product portfolio also includes brake discs, clutch kits, brake shoes, brake shims and more. SBS Friction has as an industry-first, received full approval according to the ECE R90 regulation, providing riders the most reliable quality in terms of design, manufacturing, and performance.

Furthermore, SBS brake pads are enforced with NUCAP NRS technology, which secures a mechanical and indestructible bonding of the compound. SBS Friction is your reliable brake part supplier when you seek braking excellence.


Mike Geylin
Mike Geylin

Mike Geylin is the Editor-in-Chief at Hagman Media. Geylin has been in automotive communications for five decades working in all aspects of the industry from OEM to supplier to motorsports as well as reporting for both newspapers and magazines on the industry.