Quantum Leap as Transportation Components Now Supplies to OEM Henred Fruehauf

Transportation Components, a recognised leader in the distribution of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) components to the aftermarket, has taken the quantum leap to a whole new level, with its recent appointment as the supplier of Duroline brake linings to the well-known OEM Henred Fruehauf, the largest trailer and allied products manufacturer in South Africa.

Henred Fruehauf are using the Duroline brake linings supplied by Transportation Components in the foundation brakes of the trailers they manufacture. This has not only signified the return of a valued customer. It also means that Transportation Components is not only supplying to the aftermarket – but to an OEM as well.

“We really appreciate the trust Henred Fruehauf is placing in us again: not only by depending on us for the all-important brake linings which will be used in the manufacture of their trailer axles; but as a well-known OEM making use of our OEM components in turn.

This really demonstrates recognition for our quality products and excellent service; and furthermore places us in a different league, completing the circle of quality, safety and consistency from our perspective,” says Dave Jenkins, Managing Director of Transportation Components.

Consistency is one of the main issues in road transport – from manufacture to maintenance – to ensure safe, reliable and cost-effective operation, made possible by the use of OEM components. Transportation Components provides this consistency with components such as the safe, reliable and cost-effective Duroline brake linings.

Duroline is recognised worldwide as one of the largest manufacturers of friction material and uses state-of-the-art technology to produce brake linings for medium and heavy duty vehicles. The company is known for supplying brake linings which offer superior performance and durability.

“The return of Henred Fruehauf to our customer base is an endorsement for our principal Duroline; but also for Transportation Components’ commitment to South Africa’s heavy transportation sector by consistently supplying quality products from Brazil and Turkey.

We not only provide quality components to the aftermarket – and now also to a well-known OEM – but also safety and peace of mind,” Patrick Bruinette, National Sales Manager of Transportation Components, explains.

The braking system is one of the most critical parts of any truck and trailer combination because the sheer weight of a truck and trailer magnifies the consequences of an accident, which is why heavy vehicle accidents are often blamed on a faulty braking system. Bruinette points out that is the reason why regular, scheduled maintenance and the use of quality components are crucial.

Transportation Components had samples of its brake lining friction material tested to determine a baseline for the durability of various friction materials. “Our OEM Duroline brake lining, which are the ‘gold standard’ in the industry, were proven to be from 30 to 50 percent more durable,” Bruinette says.

Transportation Components puts a lot of effort into educating stakeholders in the transportation industry about the fact that brake friction material can vary in quality. The company also endeavours to reduce the cost-per-kilometre for heavy-vehicle operators by supplying top quality aftermarket parts.

According to Bruinette, trailer brakes must be maintained according to the specifications on the brake data plate. “The trailer is carrying the actual load and its brake system comprises of at least 50 percent of the complete vehicle combination braking system. That is why it is so important for Henred Fruehauf to use our Duroline brake linings.”

Jenkins explains that Transportation Components prides itself on offering the best quality OEM components, which meet international criteria for safety, quality and environmental standards as well as innovation.

“We have a proud record of twenty years as a trusted provider of OEM aftermarket solutions, and as a trusted contributor to the South African transportation sector, we are ready to once again offer Henred Fruehauf as an OEM itself, quality products which will ensure product satisfaction for its customers in turn.

We are also very proud of the recognition and kudos which having such a well-known OEM customer confers on Transportation Components. This really represents an important and significant quantum leap for us as a company,” Jenkins concludes.

Axle data plate fitted to every axle to inform the user what lining to use to maintain the designed braking performance.

Source: Transportation Components

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