Prima Additive’s Laser Cladding Innovation

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Prima Additive, a forerunner in additive manufacturing, is revolutionizing the industry with its focus on Directed Energy Deposition (DED) technologies, particularly Laser Metal Deposition and High-Speed Laser Cladding. This advanced technology employs a laser beam to deposit materials on workpieces, resulting in coatings that adhere at a metallurgical level.

Known for its precision, High-Speed Laser Cladding excels in creating durable coatings with enhanced mechanical properties, such as increased hardness, corrosion resistance, and wear resistance. This technology is rapidly becoming the gold standard for industries seeking superior coating solutions. Its applications extend across various industrial needs, ensuring high performance and strength.

A significant aspect of this technology is its contribution to environmental conservation, especially in brake disc coating. Statistics reveal that 21% of particulate emissions from combustion vehicles originate from brakes. By coating brake discs, Prima Additive aims to significantly reduce these emissions, aligning with stringent environmental standards like the impending Euro 7 norms.

Prima Additive's Laser Cladding Innovation

Prima Additive’s commitment extends beyond technology upgrades to fostering a greener future, aiding industries in achieving sustainability goals and minimizing environmental impact. The company’s mission is to transform industrial standards, offering innovative, high-quality, and sustainable additive manufacturing solutions. This approach is shaping a future where excellence, cost-efficiency, and eco-consciousness coexist.

The IANUS cell, another pioneering solution by Prima Additive, epitomizes versatility in additive manufacturing. This multiprocess robotic cell is designed for various laser processes, including direct energy deposition, laser welding, and laser hardening. Integrated with Siemens technologies, the IANUS cell offers user-friendly, effective operation, streamlining production lines and minimizing cycle times. Particularly in Rapid Coating applications, such as brake disc coating, the IANUS cells ensure exceptional efficiency and precision.

Prima Additive’s influence in the automotive sector is notable, where automation and integration are crucial for high-volume production. The company’s client-centric approach involves deep engagement to understand and meet unique needs, offering tailor-made solutions. This approach is complemented by robust post-sale support, fostering long-term client relationships.

In summary, Prima Additive is not just a solutions provider but a pioneer shaping the future of additive manufacturing. Recognized as a reliable partner in laser-based metal additive manufacturing, the company aligns with Industry 4.0 principles, continuously pushing the boundaries of innovation, sustainability, and precision. By remaining in constant dialogue with customers, Prima Additive ensures that its solutions perfectly align with the diverse and evolving needs of industries. For more information on how Prima Additive can revolutionize your processes with high-speed laser cladding and other advanced solutions, contact the company to discover the future of manufacturing.

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