Porsche Uses New Process For Cayenne Brakes

STUTTGART, Germany–Brake discs are typically made of one type of material or another: either cast iron (in most cases) or a mix of carbon and ceramic (in more exotic applications). But Porsche has developed another process that could bridge the gap between the two.

The German automaker has equipped the latest Cayenne Turbo with the new Porsche Surface Coated Brake (PSCB). The rotors are still made of cast iron, but are coated with a special layer of tungsten carbide. It wasn’t cheap to develop and it’s not easy to manufacture, but the results speak for themselves.

With the special coating applied, the brake rotors are 10 percent harder, lasts 30 percent longer, and produces 90 percent less brake dust. So equipped, the Cayenne Turbo comes to a full stop from 155 mph 79 inches sooner. (That’s over six and a half feet!)

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