Porsche 911 Upgrade: Surface Transforms’ Braking Kit

Surface Transforms has announced the launch of its new Porsche 911, 992 GT3 RS Steel Brake Disc Upgrade Kits. This state-of-the-art upgrade promises to bring unparalleled braking performance to the iconic Porsche model.

Why It Matters

Braking systems are the lifeline of high-performance vehicles, especially those in the caliber of the Porsche 911. With this upgrade, Surface Transforms aims to redefine the braking experience, emphasizing precision, control, and unmatched braking power.

Porsche 911 Upgrade: Surface Transforms' Braking Kit

Key Points

  • Direct Fit: The Steel Replacement Kits are designed for a seamless fit without the need for any modifications to the vehicle.
  • Precision Crafted: Every component boasts superior engineering and precision, ensuring optimum performance.
  • Consistency & Reliability: These kits guarantee a reliable braking performance that’s consistent, whether on a race track or an open road.
  • Enhanced Features: Customers can expect the same robustness, durability, and enhanced thermal management that they’ve come to associate with Surface Transforms.

Bottom Line

Surface Transforms, as one of the few companies globally specializing in carbon-ceramic brake discs, utilizes unique Carbon Ceramic Technology. Unlike competitors using discontinuous chopped carbon fibre, Surface Transforms employs continuous carbon fibre in a 3D matrix. This results in a stronger, more durable product with enhanced heat conductivity—leading to superior braking performance. Their technology not only guarantees reduced braking system temperatures but also offers benefits like weight savings of up to 70%, extended product lifespan, consistent performance, minimized brake pad dust, and corrosion resistance.

For those eager to upgrade their Porsche 911’s braking performance, pre-orders are now open. Visit Surface Transforms’ website for further details.


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