NRS Brakes Launches Noise-Canceling Brake Insert

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NRS Brakes, a Toronto-based company at the forefront of aftermarket automotive innovation has launched a product set to revolutionize the industry, The Rubber. This patented product operates as a noise-canceling piston insert that decouples brake pad vibration, eliminating noise at the point of contact.

This eliminates noise comebacks due to squeaky brakes post-brake job, increasing customer satisfaction, reduces re-diagnosis time and optimizes your shop’s resources. In a noise test conducted by NRS Brakes, The Rubber was overwhelmingly successful when comparing standard brake pads with shims against pads with shims and The Rubber.

The Rubber will be sold in packs of four, including lubrication and NRS Brakes is currently building its global distribution network. If you’re interested in learning more about the product or to join NRS Brakes’ distribution network, visit their website.

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