Nitrex Lands Record Automotive Deal

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Nitrex, a leading provider of surface treatment solutions, has secured its largest order ever from a premier European automotive component supplier. This multi-million-dollar agreement involves the creation of a turnkey automated nitrocarburizing system tailored for electric vehicle brake components.

This collaboration began with Nitrex’s experts working closely with the customer’s engineering team, ensuring a partnership aimed at project success. Utilizing Nitrex’s extensive resources across Europe and the Americas, the team undertook rigorous testing and refinement processes on brake parts, emphasizing Nitrex’s dedication to quality and reliability.

The contract underscores the supplier’s crucial role in the electric vehicle industry, supporting electrification strategies and sustainable advancements. Nitrex’s contribution will bolster the supplier’s innovation, cementing its position in the electric vehicle market.

Nitrex’s commitment includes designing, manufacturing, commissioning, and testing two advanced continuous-line furnaces, which will annually process millions of brake parts. These furnaces, part of the NXL series, are designed for efficiency and production optimization, featuring automation capabilities and a continuous flow-through design.

The order also highlights the implementation of Nitreg®-C and ONC® technologies, enhancing metal corrosion resistance and reducing rust formation. These technologies align with the industry’s shift towards lower emissions and sustainability in electric vehicle braking systems.

Moreover, Nitrex will incorporate QMULUS, an AI and machine learning IoT platform, to improve manufacturing processes and promote continuous operational improvement.

Nitrex’s holistic approach, supported by a skilled R&D team, ensures customized solutions that stand out in the surface treatment industry, making it a partner of choice for transformative projects.

Jean-Francois Cloutier, CEO of Nitrex, expressed excitement about the partnership, highlighting the company’s technical support, industry expertise, and commitment to delivering advanced heat treatment solutions. This order not only showcases Nitrex’s dedication to excellence but also its role in supporting the transition to electric vehicles through innovative solutions.

About Nitrex

As the only fully integrated player in the surface treatment sector, Nitrex boasts a global presence in over 20 countries. With 40 years of experience, the company offers a suite of innovative solutions, proprietary technologies, and comprehensive services, making it the preferred choice for leading companies worldwide.

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