Nissan Rogue 2021 Brake Recall Alert

Nissan North America, Inc. has announced a recall for its 2021 Rogue vehicles under NHTSA Campaign Number 23V791000. This action is necessitated by a critical flaw in the brake system, specifically involving the rear brake calipers. The issue stems from a manufacturing error at the brake supplier, ADVICS, where certain vehicles were assembled without an essential internal bushing in the rear left and/or right brake caliper assembly.

Why It Matters

The absence of this bushing is a severe safety concern. It allows the O-ring seal to move out of place, potentially leading to brake fluid leakage. Given that effective braking is crucial for vehicle safety, this fault significantly increases the risk of accidents. The recall highlights the importance of quality control not just within car manufacturers like Nissan but also among their suppliers.

Key Points:

  • Affected Vehicle: The recall targets specific 2021 Nissan Rogue models.
  • Defect Source: The defect originates from ADVICS, a brake component supplier for Nissan.
  • Issue Description: Missing internal bushing in the brake calipers, leading to possible brake fluid leakage.
  • Safety Implications: Potential decrease in braking performance, increasing crash risks.
  • Remedy Plan: Nissan will replace both the left and right rear brake calipers free of charge.
  • Notification Schedule: Owners will be informed starting January 10, 2024, under Nissan’s recall number PC933.
  • Contact Options: Affected individuals can contact Nissan customer service or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Vehicle Safety Hotline.

Bottom Line

This recall, impacting a specific batch of the 2021 Nissan Rogue, underscores the critical nature of component quality in vehicle safety. While only a limited number of vehicles are affected, the potential risk warrants prompt action from owners of the involved models. Nissan’s response, coordinating with its supplier ADVICS, reflects a commitment to rectifying the issue and maintaining high safety standards. Customers are advised to respond to the recall notice without delay to ensure their vehicles are safe and compliant with performance expectations.


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