NeoBrake Announces Triple Double Guarantee

A three-product combo set promising double the service life of each for first-time users.

OAK CREEK, Wisc. –  NeoBrake Systems, Inc., one of the early North American heavy-duty brake remanufacturers and a formulator of world-class asbestos-free brake linings and pads, announced today the Triple Double Guarantee™, an offer guaranteeing twice the service of NeoBrake’s NB1088™ cohesive friction lining, Matrix NeoCast™ lightweight cast shoe and Matrix Revolution™ machine-balanced drum when installed as a combination set, or replacement is free.

The guarantee applies to first-installations only and compares the usage life of a customer’s previously installed components to the length of service NeoBrake’s products provide. If any of the three do not last twice as long, NeoBrake will replace those individual components free of charge.

“The results we’re seeing from our Matrix NeoCast core have been better than expected,” shared NeoBrake President & CEO Rick Ballew. “We’ve seen linings worn evenly all the way down to the rivets, and I haven’t seen that in 30 years.”

Ballew explained that for a lining to wear down that far into the rivets, it tells you that the driver did not experience any braking issues. That the brakes remained effective longer whereas with pressed-steel cores, you’ll sense a problem as soon as those rivets reach the drum.

“Our cast core throws the heat away from the linings, and you get longer life,” said Ballew. “And the best part is, cores and drums will last longer, too, so we can’t get the word out fast enough.”

The Matrix NeoCast lightweight cast iron brake shoe is the centerpiece of the offer. It’s rigid, one-piece construction ensures maximum torque for life, while providing the necessary heat dissipation to achieve such results.  Combined with NB1088 cohesive friction linings, the ultimate non-abrasive friction material, and the machine-balanced Matrix Revolutionary drum offering uniform thermal expansion, it’s the most powerful S-cam foundation braking combination on the market today.

About NeoBrake

NeoBrake Systems, Inc., an early North American remanufacturer of heavy-duty brakes and a world-class formulator of asbestos-free brake linings and pads, as well as an innovator and supplier of premium-grade, performance-enhancing wheel-end components, brake shoes and accessories under the Matrix brand name. NeoBrake operates within North America, strategically locating warehouse distribution centers to ensure 2-day delivery in high-volume regions. Founded in 1988, NeoBrake is privately owned and headquartered in Oak Creek, Wisconsin—a Milwaukee suburb. Follow NeoBrake (@RemanUp) and Matrix by NeoBrake (@NeobrakeMatrix) on Twitter. For more information, visit or call 1-888-411-9916.

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