Motorsports Brakes Official Supplier For Cops

SYDNEY, Australia–In a close brush with the law, Motorsport Brakes is now the official supplier of CIRCO brake pads for Class A police pursuit vehicles in Australia.  So when you see ‘lights up’ on the highway, you may well be experiencing  a high powered car with dynamic performance braking.…just hopefully not chasing you.

Motorsport Brakes is supplying the specialist CIRCO brake pads for the Hyundai Sonata, Santa Fe and Genesis models and have been chosen by State Government agencies to be used by the Police for highway patrol vehicles and general use vehicles.

After the Holden and Ford manufacturing withdrawals, the Australian Government is no longer obliged to buy vehicles from local manufacturers which has meant a big upheaval in the cars used and many beneficial and competitive changes being made.

With Police vehicles requiring certain performance upgrades and specific  technical standards in their  cars, Motorsport Brakes has been working closely with, or you could even say, ‘partners in crime’ with the CIRCO brake manufacturer in Japan to develop the bespoke brake compounds to be suitable for Hyundai Australia to help get their car models approved for the job.

The CIRCO brakes are totally effective from cold temperatures and withstand multiple high speed energy stops with no drop off in performance despite resulting high temperatures and repeated brake abuse.

Director of Motorsport Brakes, Marty Beckton, said “Our background expertise lies in Motorsport applications so this project has been new and exciting for us at Motorsport Brakes.  We are really pleased to announce that we have been able to come up with the goods, and not only that, we did it in a matter of months from scratch, which for a manufacturer like Hyundai is unheard of.”

Motorsport Brakes is the worldwide distributor for CIRCO brake pads with over 1500 different racing brake applications and compounds ranging from street performance right through to professional motor sport.

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