Mintex Redefines Racing Performance

Mintex Racing, a division of TMD Friction UK Ltd., has launched its #legendarybraking high-performance Race Ranges, a significant development in the world of motorsports. This launch, held at the 2024 Autosport International Show in Birmingham, marks a new era in Mintex Racing’s commitment to brake innovation and performance.

Revolutionary New Compounds

The highlight of this event was the unveiling of three new compounds: MRM1805, MRM1802, and MRM1801. Each of these compounds introduces new formulations and technologies, setting a new benchmark in the industry. MRM1805, designed specifically for high surface grip racing, replaces the M1166 and is intended for track use only. MRM1802, catering to lower grip scenarios such as off-road racing, takes over from the M1155 and M1144 in certain race applications.

In contrast, the MRM1801 compound offers a bridge between performance road driving and track-day activities. It succeeds M1144 and integrates track-to-road technology from Mintex Racing’s competition program. This compound promises to deliver a thrilling track performance while maintaining superior on-road characteristics.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

Aligning with current environmental concerns, these new products meet the Euro 4 standard and are free from copper, antimony, and other rare earth resources. Mintex Racing emphasizes its ongoing commitment to sustainability, understanding the growing demand for environmentally responsible products in the automotive industry.

Technological Advancements and Improved Performance

Mintex Racing’s research and development efforts have culminated in significant performance enhancements across all metrics. This progress is vividly demonstrated in the radar chart for MRM1802, showcasing improvements over previous part numbers.

Enhanced Packaging and Customer Value

The new range features robust branded packaging, complete with security seals and QR-linked sticker packs for bedding-in procedures. As part of TMD Friction, Mintex Racing maintains a competitive edge in development and production costs, offering customers unrivaled value for high-performance brakes.

Richard Barton’s Vision

Richard Barton, Mintex Racing Category Manager at TMD Friction UK Ltd., proudly stated, “Already the official braking partner to over twenty UK Championships, we have invested heavily in research, development, and technology to totally reinvigorate the Mintex Racing range and galvanize our position as the ‘Real World Racing brake.’”

A Legacy of Legendary Braking

These new products draw inspiration from the brand’s rich heritage, celebrating its champions and dedicated users, from historical figures to present-day professionals. The goal is to inspire all drivers to reach new heights of performance and become legends in their own right.

Launch at Autosport International 2024

Mintex Racing’s team was present at Stand E112 during the Autosport International 2024, providing insights into the new range and addressing specific application queries. This event, part of the newly rebranded A24 show, promised an unmatched experience for motorsport enthusiasts and professionals alike.

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