Mexico’s MasterLab Launches Brake Production

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MasterLab, a state-of-the-art brake pad manufacturing facility and research center, has officially commenced operations in Querétaro, Mexico. This facility, which focuses on the production of brake pads for aftermarket private labels, aims its sights on the export markets across the USA, Canada, and Europe, promising unparalleled quality in its offerings.

With an impressive annual production capacity of 1.5 million sets, MasterLab stands ready to address the growing needs of the global automotive aftermarket industry. The factory’s strategic location benefits customers by providing access to a skilled labor pool, optimizing logistics, and minimizing transportation expenses, thanks to its closeness to the border and key seaports.

Marking a significant advancement, MasterLab is celebrated as the first Latin American R&D center dedicated to the innovation of brake pad formulations and performance testing. This achievement is the result of a collaborative effort with MHW Ltd. of Detroit, Michigan, and IMT México (Mexican Institute of Transport), highlighting MasterLab’s dedication to leading-edge technology and safety in brake systems.

The initiation of production at MasterLab signifies a pivotal moment in the automotive sector, cementing Mexico’s status as a forefront runner in brake pad manufacturing and technological research.

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