Mercedes-Benz Helps Drivers Safely Exit Their Car

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STUTTGART, Germany – Today’s blind-spot warning monitoring (BSM) systems alert drivers when vehicles – or in some cases even bicyclists, pedestrians and other obstacles – are encroaching on either side of their vehicle. Mercedes-Benz is now using the BSM sensors to protect drivers and passengers even after the car has stopped and the ignition is off.

The company’s Active Blind Spot Exit Warning function first became available in the 2019 A-Class offering an alert before one of the occupants opens a door into oncoming traffic.

The Active Blind Spot Exit Warning function is shown at the 39-second point in the video.

For up to three minutes after the vehicle has stopped and the ignition has switched off, if the driver or any of the passengers tries to use the door handle while a bicyclist or vehicle is passing by, an audible warning will sound and the ambient door lighting will start to flash red. This helps to warn the occupants of any potential obstructions before they exit, preventing any potential accidents.

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Mercedes-Benz has been innovative and progressive in safety design for generations. For example, electronically controlled ABS and ESP® are Mercedes-Benz developments that have greatly contributed to a significant reduction in the frequency of accidents, while the airbag was launched in the 1981 S-Class and is now standard equipment today in virtually all cars.

Mike Geylin
Mike Geylin

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