Mando Celebrates MGH-100 EBS

Mass production of “Mugunghwa-100,” a core electronic brake system, attracts attention from clients

Automobile parts company Mando (CEO Chung Mong-won) hosted “Flawless Launching Ceremony” for MGH-100 (Mugunghwa-100), an electronic brake system (EBS) at Brake Business Headquarters in Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi-do on September 18, with Halla Group Chairman Chung Mong-won and eighty executives in attendance.

MGH-100 is a special anti-lock brake system (ABS), which prevents the wheels from locking when the car is stopped abruptly. The product is the core module attached as a standard in the electronic stability control (ESC) and integrated dynamic brake (IDB) modules produced by Mando, and will be a part of all autonomous vehicles using these products.

Mando began the mass production of MGH-100 simultaneously in Korea and China in March 2018, and has continued flawless production up to this point. More than 20,000 units of MGH-100 were supplied to Soueast Motors and other companies. Other Korean and foreign automobile manufacturers such as GM Shanghai, Geely, Changan, and Ssangyong are also very interested in MGH-100.

Mando added forty customer convenience options to MGH-100 for autonomous driving, as well as enhanced safety and convenience. The product features upgraded autonomous emergency braking (AEB) system that controls the vehicle in emergency, as well as adaptive cruise control (ACC) that allows the driver to maintain a safe speed without having to step on the gas and brake pedals constantly. With the new features, the product is even more competitive in the global autonomous vehicle market.

Chairman Chung Mong-won said in his congratulatory remarks: “In the New China Program for new technologies, MGH-100 and IDB will lead the charge into the Chinese market: Quality is life, and product is our reason of existence!” The chairman also emphasized that the employees must continue the “Quality First” spirit that has been maintained in the company for over half a century.

MGH-100 is the result of strict compliance to quality standards and a thorough testing and verification process, which were designed under the idea that even the smallest mistakes can impact the safety of the customers. In the end, the engineers and other employees eliminated even the smallest defects in the previous models. MGH-100 underwent a strict inclement weather performance tests in SwedenChina, and New Zealand, which were conducted at least twice a year.

To improve its overseas competitiveness of EBS, a high-value-added product, Mando plans to expand the production capabilities from Korea and China to IndiaBrazil, and Mexico by 2019 to increase the global production volume to 3 million units by 2020 and 5 million units by 2021, thereby supplying the product to global automobile companies.

Mando is the first Korean company to mass produce MGH-10, an independent ABS module, in 1999, which enabled an innovative cost reduction in the Korean automobile parts industry, which heavily depended on foreign imports. In addition, Mando developed ESC featuring adaptive cruise control and automatic speed control functions to lead the Korean brake market. From 1999 to August 2018, the company produced six thousand accumulated EBS systems around the world.

In addition, Mando succeeded in developing IDB, the leading braking system in the autonomous vehicle market, and is supplying the product to Korean automobile manufacturers since July. In preparation to increased demands, Mando plans to invest 40 billion Korean won in production facilities to build the capacity to manufacture 300,000 units by early 2019. In addition, Mando received orders from European automobile companies to develop braking systems, which Mando plans to use to expand business to the U.S. and Europe.

Source: Mando

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