LINK Renaming European Operations

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PLYMOUTH, Mich. – LINK announced it has transitioned the names of its European operations to more closely align with its global business units and the overarching Link Engineering Company name.

The Germany locations currently known as ‘Link Europe GmbH’ are transitioning to ‘Link Engineering Company GmbH’, while the Magenta, Italy, facility currently known as ‘Link Italy Srl’ to ‘Link Engineering Company Srl’.

The company has been serving the European market since the early 1960s, opening its first support and sales office within Europe in 2005. In 2011, LINK established testing services in Limburg, Germany, forming a local team of professional engineers and technicians who specialize in laboratory testing, field vehicle testing, and support.

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The Limburg area has enjoyed extensive laboratory and vehicle testing since 2012 after the opening of a state-of-the-art laboratory that is fully outfitted with the latest equipment. In 2016, the LINK Italy facility was added to our roster of testing locations, focusing on delivering precision equipment, consulting, design, installation, and support for both standard and personalized products.

The company is proud to have seen tremendous growth in the European market and has worked diligently to continue to expand its offerings with the recent additions of multiple new facilities.

Since establishing services in Limburg and Magenta, the company formed vehicle testing teams and local support in Mojácar, Spain, in 2019, as well as expanded with a new office building and a new vehicle test site in Limburg and Elz, Germany, in 2021.

LINK also has personnel based in the U.K., Sweden, and France.

This sustained growth and investment further exemplifies our dedication to delivering customized, turnkey testing solutions to its customers in Europe and beyond, as it has during the last 14 years. As the company formally updates its legal names, the customers and partners can expect the same great level of service and support from their local teams, as well as a more streamlined experience where all business units are operating under the same name.

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