Leadership Shift at Juratek and Bettaparts

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Juratek and Bettaparts, subsidiaries of the global OE friction supplier Fras-le, have announced significant organizational changes. Matt Robinson, the Managing Director, is set to leave the companies to pursue new opportunities, with his departure scheduled for 1 March 2024. Mark Clegg, the current Operations Director, will step into Robinson’s role.

This announcement comes exactly one year after Fras-le’s acquisition of Juratek and Bettaparts, marking a pivotal moment in the companies’ history. Robinson, who has been with Juratek since 2014, played a critical role in the company’s expansion, including overseeing two management buyouts. His leadership significantly contributed to doubling sales, expanding Bettaparts, and opening a new distribution center in Northern Ireland.

Robinson’s tenure also included navigating the company through the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent supply chain challenges, demonstrating resilience and strategic foresight.

Clegg, who has been part of the company since 2015, is poised to take over as Managing Director. He has been instrumental in the company’s recent successes and is expected to continue its trajectory of growth under the larger umbrella of Fras-le mobility.

Robinson expressed his gratitude and confidence in Clegg’s ability to lead: “After nine and a half exciting years, my time at Juratek has come to an end. I have had the tremendous privilege to work alongside a fantastic group of dedicated people and to steer the business through a challenging period of growth, culminating in the sale to Fras-le in 2023. I have full confidence that Mark is the right person to lead the company on the next stage of its journey as part of Fras-Le mobility. I want to offer my best wishes to all colleagues and every success for the future.”

Clegg also shared his enthusiasm and respect for Robinson’s leadership: “It is an honour to take over the managing director role from Matt, whom I have worked closely with over the past nine years and through all the positive changes. Under the new ownership of Fras-le it is exciting to continue the growth of the company with the opportunities that we have in front of us. Matt’s impact on the business has been monumental and we’d like to wish him all the best for the future.”

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