Land Rover Recalls Defender for Potential Brake Issue

Jaguar Land Rover North America, LLC has issued a recall for 121 units of the 2023 Land Rover Defender 130 model. This recall, identified under NHTSA Campaign Number 23V789000, addresses a critical issue with improperly reinstalled brake calipers, which may lead to their detachment.

Why It Matters

The detachment of brake calipers is a significant safety concern. It not only compromises the vehicle’s braking ability but also poses a risk of structural damage to the wheels. This defect substantially increases the likelihood of accidents, putting drivers, passengers, and others on the road at risk. As such, the recall is both a safety measure and a legal compliance issue, underlining the importance of automotive manufacturing standards and oversight.

Key Points

  1. Recall Details: The recall specifically targets the 2023 Land Rover Defender 130 vehicles modified for the TRek Off-Road Competition.
  2. Safety Risk: The improperly reinstalled brake calipers could detach, leading to reduced braking capability and potential wheel damage, escalating the risk of a crash.
  3. Remedial Action: Land Rover dealers will reinstall the brake calipers correctly at no cost to the owners. The expected date for the start of owner notifications is January 19, 2024.
  4. Contact Information: Affected owners can reach out to Land Rover customer service at 1-800-637-6837. The recall number for this issue is N848. Additionally, vehicle owners can contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Vehicle Safety Hotline.

Bottom Line

This recall underscores the critical nature of vehicle maintenance and the importance of adhering to safety standards. Owners of the affected Land Rover Defender 130 models are urged to take immediate action to prevent potential accidents. This situation also highlights the role of regulatory bodies like the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in ensuring vehicle safety and manufacturer accountability.

By addressing this issue proactively, Land Rover aims to maintain its reputation for quality and safety, while ensuring the well-being of its customers and the general public.


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