Kawasaki Recalls Motorcycles with Wrong Discs

SANTA ANA, Calif. – Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A. has agreed to recall certain model-year 2020-2022 Kawasaki motorcycles which might have been built with an incorrect brake disc on the front wheel.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Part 573 Safety Recall Report 22V-397, the 1,923 affected vehicles are certain 2020-21 LX230A, 2022 LX230G produced between June 17, 2019 and Feb. 17, 2022. Specifically, the recall population is: LX230A 1,220 units and LX230G 703 units.

The difference between the incorrect and correct discs can be determined by diameter of the rotors:

The motorcycles within the recall might have been produced with a smaller-than-specified front rotor which, according to NHTSA, “might not meet the technical requirement for braking performance under UN Regulation No. 78 / FMVSS No. 122,” “which could lead to insufficient brake force in severe braking conditions.”

The remedy will be replacement of the installed rotor with the correct disc and the installation of new brake pads at a franchised Kawasaki dealer.

No dates for dealer or owner notification has been set.

Mike Geylin
Mike Geylin

Mike Geylin is the Editor-in-Chief at Hagman Media. Geylin has been in automotive communications for five decades working in all aspects of the industry from OEM to supplier to motorsports as well as reporting for both newspapers and magazines on the industry.