ITT Invests in Tech to Minimize Brake Emissions

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Source: ITT announcement

White Plains, N.Y. – ITT Inc. (NYSE: ITT) announced its investment in HPL Technologies (HPL), a German-based technology start-up leading the rotor-coating market with its groundbreaking WECODUR® technology.

HPL developed WECODUR®, an innovative hard coating technology and related production machines that allows rotors to last longer, better resist corrosion, and reduce fine-dust emissions from brake systems.

The investment was made jointly by ITT Ventures Fund and S-UBG, a German-based venture fund. ITT and S-UBG now each own 10 percent of HPL.

HPL’s WECODUR® technology, combined with ITT Motion Technologies brake pads designed specifically for hard-coated brake discs, will offer industry-leading and environmentally friendly performance and durability.

The investment will help HPL Technologies accelerate further the high-scale industrialization of laser cladding and grinding machines for brake rotors. The technology will play a key role in helping to achieve future emissions requirements for high-performance brakes. For Motion Technologies, a leading supplier of brake pads, the investment enables it to continue to address its customers’ future market needs by providing the most efficient and sustainable technology.

“At Motion Technologies, developing highest-performance and environmentally friendly solutions for our customers is one of our core competencies. The combination of WECODUR® technology on brake rotors and our brake pads will offer the best performance and durability while reducing fine-dust emissions from brake systems. It also paves the way for further innovations such as lighter weight braking systems, a critical functionality for electric vehicles. This new technology has the potential to be a game-changer,” said Carlo Ghirardo, President of Motion Technologies.

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The WECODUR® coating system and its related production process provide several competitive advantages:

  • Longer resistance and service life: The unique technology makes brake rotors resistant to corrosion, reduces wear and tear, and increases their service life. At the same time, it maintains the high-performance characteristics of the rotor-pad combination.
  • Environmentally friendly: Lab tests on WECODUR® coated rotors in combination with ITT specifically developed pads show a significant reduction in fine-dust emissions in vehicle brake systems.
  • Cost-effectiveness: WECODUR® technology and machining capabilities combine hard coating and grinding operations on the brake rotors, which drives a cost advantage.

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