Interview with EuroBrake Keynote Speaker Dr. Weirich

STANSTEAD, U.K. — Dr. Marko Weirich, Senior Manager CAE Functions & Analytics, Daimler Truck AG will be presenting a keynote during the opening plenary session on “Endurance Brake System for the Mercedes-Benz eACTROS Long Haul” at the upcoming EuroBrake event.

The annual gathering of the leading brake-industry individuals and organizations, sponsored by FISITA, runs from Sept. 12-14, 2023, in Barcelona. The aforementioned plenary presentation is scheduled for 9:45-10:20 a.m. Sept. 12th.

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Daimler Truck at EuroBrake Opening Session

Dr. Weirich’s Daimler Truck presentation will give an overview on the current endurance brake systems for heavy-duty trucks as well as the technical options to develop an endurance brake system for battery-electric vehicles.

In advance of the EuroBrake 2023 speech, The BRAKE Report presents the following interview with Daimler’s Dr. Weirich.

Why is the topic of zero emission an important focus area in braking?

Dr. Weirich: The transformation to zero emission electrical propulsions offer new options to provide an endurance brake functionality for heavy-duty trucks. Legal requirements, customer requests as well as product liability must be covered by new technical solutions.

Is what you are presenting at the event new content, an exclusive launch to the industry?

Dr. Weirich: The market introduction of our new Mercedes-Benz eActros Long Haul is scheduled for 2024. The vehicle was announced on the IAA in 2022, some details of the endurance brake system will be presented.

How will / does your presentation topic impact braking?

Dr. Weirich: The session will provide an overview about the legal requirements for endurance brake systems of heavy-duty trucks as well as customer operation analysis. Different technical solutions are compared regarding packaging, costs and technical feasibility.

Why is EuroBrake the right audience and event for you?

Dr. Weirich: Eurobrake brings together brake system experts from different companies that can reflect on new legislative requirements and how these can be solved with optimal solutions for customers.

What else are you looking forward to hearing about at EuroBrake?

Dr. Weirich: I am looking forward to learn about brake dust emissions and measurement technologies and how to quantify those.

Don’t forget to schedule the opening plenary session in your diary!

Dr. Weirich: Marko will be speaking and addressing the topic of ‘Endurance Brake System for the Mercedes-Benz eACTROS Long Haul’ on Tuesday 12th September; 09:45 – 10:20.  It’s going to be a great session

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Mike Geylin

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