Hyundai i20N Brake Upgrade Kit

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EBC Brakes Racing has introduced its Apollo Big Brake Kits for the Hyundai i20N, offering an enhanced braking solution for the 200bhp supermini hot hatch. This development promises a significant upgrade in stopping power and performance for Hyundai i20N owners. The kit, renowned for its comprehensive features, includes British-engineered four-piston calipers, front braided brake lines, high-performance fluid, and all necessary hardware for a complete front axle overhaul.

Key Highlights:

  • Available for Hyundai i20N (2021-2023): Perfect fit for the highly praised hot hatch.
  • Four-Piston Calipers: Engineered for maximum stiffness and performance.
  • Fully-Floating Two-Piece Discs: Designed to reduce stress and extend disc life.
  • Yellowstuff™ Performance Brake Pads: Offer excellent cold bite and high-temperature resistance without brake fade.
  • High-Quality Materials: Includes stainless steel braided brake lines and super DOT 4 brake fluid for enhanced performance and durability.
  • Color Options: Stealth Black, Storm Shadow Blue, Luminous Yellow, and Racing Red.

EBC‘s Apollo Big Brake Kits stand out for their innovative design and superior materials. The kits’ four-piston calipers are crafted from heat-treated, low-pressure cast aluminum, offering higher strength and stiffness compared to conventional designs. This is further enhanced by a high-temperature Teflon™ polyester coating process, ensuring durability and a lasting aesthetic appeal.

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The fully-floating two-piece discs are another highlight, featuring a unique ‘Swept Groove’ slot design for improved cooling and dust evacuation. These discs are complemented by EBC Yellowstuff™ pads, which are known for their high-temperature performance and minimal noise, making them suitable for both road and moderate track use.

For the Hyundai i20N, this brake upgrade kit not only promises enhanced braking performance but also aims to maintain aesthetics with various color options, addressing both functionality and style preferences.

EBC Brakes Racing’s Apollo Big Brake Kit offers Hyundai i20N owners a comprehensive upgrade option, combining advanced engineering, high-quality materials, and performance-oriented features. This upgrade is a testament to EBC’s commitment to providing superior braking solutions for performance vehicles.

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