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It is now almost a year since HELLA, together with TECH360, introduced the BrakePro training program.

With the right tools, the right parts and the correct repair instructions, garage assistants are helped to become BrakeProfessional. The training sessions that took place at the various training locations in 2019 were received extremely positively.

Correct diagnosis and professional maintenance

Professional maintenance and repair of the brake system are essential, since they are part of the safety system. In the BrakePro training, garage mechanics receive practical training from TECH360, which is supported by Hella Pagid Brake Systems with practical tips and instructions for each make and type of car.

In addition to the explanation of the operation and professional inspection of the brake systems, attention is also paid to making the correct diagnosis in the event of problems with the brake system. Hella Gutmann Solutions diagnostic equipment is used during training to quickly and accurately detect errors in the braking system.

Hella Gutmann Solutions equipment is also used during the other TECH360 training courses. For example, the ADAS-Pro training works with the CSC-Tool (Camera & Sensor Calibration Tool). This allows modern driver assistance systems to be checked and calibrated in an instant.

Educational training for garages

TECH360 is a complete system of technical support and training for the garage company. The starting point of all training courses is: ‘learning by doing, learning by working’. The first training courses for 2020 are now also planned. You can register via: www.tech360.nl

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