Gehaney Updates Endurance Technologies Operations

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AURANGABAD, India – India’s Economic Times recently posted an interview with Ramesh Gehaney, Chief Operating Officer and Executive Director of Endurance Technologies Limited, primarily concentrating on activities by the automotive-industry supplier during the last year and earlier this year. The company continues to exhibit strong growth, adding facilities to further service its list of original-equipment manufacturer clients and the aftermarket. What follows is an excerpt from the interview; the entirety of it can be found by clicking HERE.

It has been quite a stellar quarter for the company, walk us through the opportunity that you are seeing from the anti-lock braking system (ABS) product and what have been some of your key highlights?

Gehaney: To answer your question on antilock braking systems, we embarked on developing this product two and a half years back. The prime reason behind that was that we were a strong player in hydraulic brake systems and as the regulations kicked in in 2019 where ABS became mandatory, it was a a very natural graduation that we had to embark upon. We found a technical partner for that and since then we have been working on the product.

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The testing and all of this product is at an advanced stage and we are very confident that by September or October of this year we will be on board as far as regular sales are concerned to the OEMs. So, I would say that this was a very important product for us. It was a very important product that we had to take forward in our portfolio and it was something that very naturally aligned to our existing business model of brake systems.

What is the impact on the order book at this point given some of the factors you have described?

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Gehaney: Let us look at the overall year. Q1 of the last year was very bad for everyone. April was zero sales and May was just about 25 and so on. So, Q1 was very bad for everyone and that is the period when everybody was targeting to come back into production, sales and revenues. As luck would have it, the OEMs, the auto industry performed exceedingly well and we saw a V-shape recovery.

Effectively, the up move on numbers and all helped the auto component industries very much and of course the auto industry also. Effectively, nine months we have been able to clock somewhere around Rs 650 core of business and I would say that in a difficult period like this, it was something very good to achieve. On top of that, we have got somewhere around Rs 1,500 crore of RFQs in hand which we would definitely try to encash on maximum and have a good business win or good percentage business win out of these RFQs.

The entire interview in the Economic Times can be viewed by clicking HERE.

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