Friction Materials Market to Hit $85 Billion by 2030

NEWTON, Conn. — The global friction Materials Market size was valued at US$ 55.1 million in 2021 and is predicted to reach US$ 85.5 million by 2030 with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.0% from 2022-2030, according to the Friction Materials Market report from Next Move Strategy Consulting.

The report provides insight into global economies as well as business perspectives on macroeconomic factors affecting the market. A detailed breakdown of the market structure, as well as significant business trends and challenges, is included in the report. This research report also analyzes historical data and future business opportunities in the global friction materials market.

Business cycles, demographics, and microeconomic requirements have been evaluated in this report to comprehensively understand the global friction materials market. Furthermore, the global friction materials market study specifies an in-depth analysis of the current business circumstances.

This study report also evaluates a variety of financial factors like production value, growth rate, and key regions in order to identify ways to increase the company’s revenue.

The following key players dominate the market:

Akebono Brake Industry
Nisshinbo Holdings Ltd.
Carlisle Brake and Friction
ABS Friction
Federal Mogul Holdings
Hindustan Composites Ltd.
Yantai Hi-Pad Brake Technology

A list of the largest players in the global friction materials market is provided in this report, allowing the reader to gain a deeper understanding of those companies. In order to educate businesses about growing their business, this data will be of benefit to both existing and emerging companies.

Throughout the world, production facilities have struggled due to strict lockdowns imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Furthermore, certain prominent players experienced a drop in demand for their products as a result of changes in consumer behavior toward their spending patterns. As the industry recovers from the pandemic, the global friction materials market is expected to grow significantly in revenue by the year 2030.

There have been various research methodologies used for the global analysis of the friction materials market, including primary and secondary research, PESTEL and SWOT analyses, and Porter’s five forces model, among others. It has been the objective of this study to provide a better understanding of prices, costs, revenues, and numbers using statistics and figures, and tables.

Sales, demand, product advancements, and production capacity are covered in this report, as well as a comprehensive overview of the friction materials market. Additionally, the report analyzes various segments of the global friction materials market, as well as supply chains, distribution chains, and company execution across regional markets.

This report will help prominent as well as new entrants in this industry to assess their production, marketing, and sales approaches.

By Product, the Friction materials Market can be Categorized into:


In terms of Material, the Market for Friction materials Market is Further Divided into:

Sintered Metals
Aramid Fibers

By Business Type, the Friction materials Market can be Categorized into:

Original Equipment

In terms of Applications, the Market for Friction materials Market is Further Divided into:

Gear Tooth Systems
Transmission Systems

By End-User, the Friction materials Market can be Categorized into:


Several aspects of this industry are included in the global friction materials market research report, including future growth prospects, business plans, and sales figures. The focus of this report is on forecasted market sizes as well as market shares of companies in the friction materials market. As a result, several economic and social factors have a greater impact on the business than they have ever been. In this study report, critical information is provided to assist businesses in developing effective strategies for promoting their products and services.


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