Fras-le’s 70-Year Milestone

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Fras-le, a trailblazer in sustainable mobility solutions, commemorates its 70th anniversary today. A Brazilian multinational known for its innovative friction materials, the company embarks on a year-long celebration with stakeholders worldwide under the theme ‘Our brand makes history‘. This marks the beginning of a series of events starting February 22, aimed at honoring the contributions of customers, investors, employees, and suppliers over seven decades.

The celebration includes launching a commemorative book and a global exhibition featuring 12 paintings by Antonio Giacomin, depicting Fras-le’s journey. Since its inception in 1954 and its acquisition by Randoncorp in 1996, Fras-le has been at the forefront of producing safer and more sustainable solutions in the automotive industry. Anderson Pontalti, COO of Frasle Mobility, emphasizes the brand’s role as a global leader in friction technology and its commitment to innovation and environmental sustainability.

Fras-le’s pioneering efforts have significantly impacted the mobility ecosystem, starting with its international expansion in 1969. The establishment of the Francisco Stedile Research and Development Center 50 years ago underscored its dedication to innovation. This center, equipped with highly specialized personnel and state-of-the-art tools, stands as one of the largest R&D facilities in Latin America.

Environmental stewardship has been a hallmark of Fras-le, demonstrated by its early elimination of asbestos and metallic copper from its products, ahead of regulatory requirements. Today, the company’s global presence spans over 125 countries, offering a wide range of products for various transportation modes, from automobiles to aircraft and industrial applications.

A significant achievement in sustainability has been the reduction of the carbon footprint of its railway brake shoe by 43%, showcasing Fras-le’s commitment to decarbonizing its processes and products. Sérgio L. Carvalho, President and CEO of Frasle Mobility, highlights the brand’s ongoing efforts to address global transport challenges and contribute to a sustainable future, marking Fras-le as a beacon of innovation and environmental responsibility in the mobility sector.

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