FMSI Announces 2024 Brake Weekend Details

The much-anticipated 2024 Brake Weekend, a flagship event in the aftermarket brake segment, is set to take place in Naples, Florida, from May 31st to June 2nd. This event, hosted by the Friction Materials Standards Institute (FMSI), is renowned for its blend of networking opportunities, expert presentations, and panel discussions on current market trends and industry affairs.

Why It Matters

The FMSI Brake Weekend stands out as a pivotal gathering for professionals in the automotive brake industry. It’s an opportunity for members, supply partners, and special invitees to engage with industry leaders and peers in a relaxed environment. This event not only fosters networking but also serves as a platform for sharing valuable insights and the latest updates in the field.

Key Points

  • The event will feature presentations and panel discussions by renowned industry experts, focusing on current affairs and market updates.
  • The supplier exhibit, a highlight of the event, was completely sold out in 2023, showcasing the high demand and significance of this annual gathering.
  • Frank Oliveto, the President of FMSI, emphasizes the event’s affordability for members and partners, making it an accessible and essential platform for industry participants.
  • FMSI, founded in 1948, is recognized for its standardized part numbering system for brake and clutch facings, playing a crucial role in the industry’s development and standardization processes.

Bottom Line

The 2024 Brake Weekend in Naples is not just an event but a cornerstone for those involved in the aftermarket brake industry. Offering a unique blend of networking, education, and industry insights, it is an unmissable opportunity for professionals looking to stay ahead in the field. For more information or to inquire about participation and attendance criteria, interested parties are encouraged to contact the FMSI office directly.

Contact Information For further details about the 2024 Brake Weekend or to express interest in joining FMSI, please reach out to [email protected].


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