First Line Boosts EV Parts Portfolio

First Line Ltd., an automotive industry player, has significantly expanded its Borg & Beck product line to meet the surging demand in the electric vehicle (EV) sector. This expansion includes the introduction of 11 new parts specifically designed for the Tesla Model 3 (5YJ3) models from January 2017 onwards. The new additions encompass a variety of components such as Brake Pads, Brake Hoses, Suspension Arms, CV Joints, and Driveshafts.

Why It Matters

The automotive industry is rapidly transitioning towards a zero-emission future, with goals set to achieve this by 2040 in some regions and even 2035 in others. First Line Ltd.’s initiative to enhance its EV product offerings aligns with this shift, signaling a commitment to sustainability and innovation in the auto sector. The company’s expansion caters to the growing number of EVs on UK roads, notably exceeding 920,000, including a significant increase in new registrations in 2023 alone.

Key Points

  • First Line Ltd. now offers 90 Borg & Beck product references, spanning 17 product groups, for various Tesla models including Model 3, Model S, Model X, and Model Y.
  • The company has broadened its scope, providing over 1,500 references for EVs and more than 3,000 for hybrid vehicles.
  • Managing Director Dan Joyner emphasizes the importance of the aftermarket sector being prepared with adequate parts, knowledge, and stock to support the EV transition.
  • The surge in EV and plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHEV) registrations reflects a significant market trend and an aftermarket sector opportunity.
  • First Line Ltd. showcases its commitment to environmental responsibility and technological advancement in the EV landscape.

Bottom Line

First Line Ltd. is proactively addressing the growing demand in the EV market with its expanded Borg & Beck product line. The company’s strategic enhancement of its offerings not only aligns with the global shift towards zero-emission vehicles but also signifies its role as a key player in supporting this transition. By providing an extensive range of high-quality EV parts, First Line Ltd. positions itself as a go-to source for EV components, fostering innovation and sustainability in the automotive industry.


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