TRW Electric Blue Poised To Take EV Market

DETROIT, Mich.–ZF Aftermarket last year introduced the first brake pad specifically designed for Electric Vehicles under the TRW brand. With 97-percent of the European electric-car park covered within months of launch, including Tesla and Nissan Leaf, demand, projects ZF, is only set to increase.

The program, known as Electric Blue, will be expanded with products for hybrid that are already in the testing process.

TRW Electric Blue is a new range of products for electric vehicles and represents ZF Aftermarket’s highly innovative capacity. The new generation of TRW brake pads significantly reduce interior noise as well as brake dust.

Launched at the Automechanika, Frankfurt, in 2018, the product portfolio already covers 97 percent of the European electric car park, including Tesla and Nissan Leaf. And the program is continually evolving even further: Formulations for hybrid vehicles to complete the range are in the testing process now and the program will be rolled out within the following months.

Sustainable, less noise & NVH tested

Studies have raised concerns about the lack of noise that electric vehicles produce, from a safety aspect. However, when it comes to driver comfort, component noise and vibration from inside the vehicle is unacceptable. Tests show that TRW Electric Blue made with a revolutionary new material formulation produces less NVH (Noise Vibration and Harshness) when supported by a special multilayer shim and coated noise damping accessories.

Changing landscape

The automotive world is changing. ZF estimates that by 2030, around one third of all automobiles produced worldwide will be purely electric or hybrid electric vehicles. This will be spurred by policies that encourage drivers, fleets and municipalities to purchase clean-running cars. Low emission zones are now in place in 200 cities across Europe. London for example took things a step further by becoming the first city to introduce an ‘ultra-low’ emission zone.

For some workshops the growing shift away from conventional vehicles towards electric is a cause for concern. ZF Aftermarket actively shapes the Next Generation Aftermaket and developed trainings to enable technicians to deal with High Voltage Systems and safely fit electric parts.

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